Models a free answer question where the answer is a text.





JSON Representation

    "title" : string,
    "type" : "FreeAnswerText",
    ("media" : { "type" : string, "url" : URL },)
    ("tolerance" : unsigned integer,)
    ("caseSensitive" : boolean,)
    ("goodAnswer" : string)

Fields description

See Question for a general description of the inherited fields title, media and goodAnswer.

Field Meaning Constraints
tolerance Maximal difference, in %, between a user answer and the good answer to consider the user answer as correct. One of the following values : 0, 5, 20, 30. Necessary 0 if caseSensitive is true. Absent if the quiz is a survey.
caseSensitive Models of the answer is case sensitive or not. Absent if the quiz is a survey.
goodAnswer The correct answer to this question. Between 1 and 250 characters long. See Question to know when this field is present.