Models a question of a quiz.





JSON Representation

    "title" : string
    "type" : string
    ("media" : { "type" : string, "url" : URL },)
    ("goodAnswer" : value | value[])

Fields description

Field Meaning Constraints
title Title of the question. Between 1 and 250 characters long.
type Type of the question. One of the Question subclass name, without the suffix "Question" : "FreeAnswerNumber", "FreeAnswerText", "MultipleChoicesOneGoodAnwer", "MultipleChoicesSeveralGoodAnwers", "TrueFalse".
media Infos on the media associated to this question. Optional.
  • type is one of the following values : "video" (video file), "youtube" (youtube video URL), "image" (image file), "sound" (sound file), "document" (PDF file). See the user manual to see the supported file formats.
  • url points to a media of the specified type on the web.
POST requests : except for Youtube videos, a copy of the media is made when adding the media to the question. The original URL is not used anymore.
goodAnswer The good answer associated to this question.
  • POST requests : goodAnswer is required except if the quiz is a survey.
  • GET requests : goodAnswer is present only if the user explicity requested to include it.